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There are problems at home. What can you do?

The first step involves acknowledging that something is not right. The next step involves contacting someone. The professionals at Guiami can offer a listening ear and provide advice. If the need for support is confirmed during the conversation, they will also provide the required practical assistance. 

Do not hesitate to get in touch. This can also be done anonymously. No matter what kind of assistance you require, they will point you in the right direction. 

Many victims of domestic violence are able to change how they live their life and escape from the spiral of problems, provided that they are given proper assistance. Sometimes, a helping hand is just what they need – and this is exactly what Guiami can offer.

Are you still underage?

Do your parents argue a lot? Are you being called names or hurt physically? Are you facing other forms of violence?

The professionals at Guiami can also help you in such cases. Contact Guiami via 0802-0802 or the chat service. Although getting in touch may be scary, speaking with somebody will definitely help. The professionals at Guiami will work with you to find the best way to improve your situation.

You are concerned about someone. What can you do?

You have seen signs which make you suspect that something is wrong. For instance, you see that the woman next door is behaving differently than normal. Or maybe your neighbour is shouting loudly and consuming more alcohol. Perhaps you see that your child’s friend often has bruises, or you hear stories about an elderly man in your neighbourhood who withdraws into his home every time his son has visited him.  

In such cases, call 0802 0802 for advice.

The professionals at Guiami will listen to your concerns. You can contact Guiami for advice and support, but also to submit a report.

Call 911 if there is immediate danger.

Click here for Step-by-step plan for professionals.


CALL: 0802 – 0802

Or chat with one of our employees via WhatsApp.

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