My name is Gera

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My name is Gera

When I think back to the period of my divorce, I am sad and grateful at the same time. Thanks to Akseso, I know that talking about your problems is very important. It helps you move forward. I am eternally grateful to them.

'Talk to each other. Even when it is hard. I recommend that to everyone.'

The relationship between myself as a young mother, the father of my child, and my former parents-in-law was not good. We found it difficult to talk to each other. We argued a lot. Especially my son suffered from this. He loved his father and his grandparents. Besides, I want my child to have a good relationship with them. I just had no idea what to do in order to improve the situation. It was difficult to talk to anyone about this.

Through the grapevine, I got in touch with a social worker from Akseso. She wanted to help me. Together we looked for solutions. She listened to me. But also to the stories of the father of my child and my former parents-in-law.

The social worker spoke to me, my son, and his father and grandparents. We all entered into discussions together. And expressed our irritations. The social worker supervised these discussions very professionally.

'I see my son flourish again.'

We discovered that we were not clear to each other. There was a lot of noise. This created unnecessary irritations. In the end, we all want the best for our (grand)son. The social worker at Akseso brought us to this understanding. I see my son flourish again. He has very good contact with his father and his grandparents.

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